September 7 – 9 is vBSDcon 2017, and a few of us are going to be there! Hosted by Verisign at the Hyatt Regency in Reston, Virginia, vBSDcon is an excellent opportunity to educate and be educated about what’s new with the BSD community and network with other enthusiasts and industry professionals. A number of TrueOS contributors and community members are attending this year to represent FreeBSD and other open-source projects like TrueOS, Lumina, and FreeNAS, so be sure to say “hello” if you see one of us!


Who’s attending?


Dru Lavigne (dlavigne): Dru leads the technical documentation team at iX, and contributes heavily to open source documentation projects like FreeBSD, FreeNAS, and TrueOS.

J.T. Pennington (q5sys): Some of you may be familiar with his work on BSDNow, but J.T. also contributes to the TrueOS, Lumina, and SysAdm projects, helping out with development and general bug squashing.

Rod Myers (RodMyers): Rod is major contributor to the TrueOS community, often helping people troubleshoot their systems. If you’ve ever used the TrueOS Gitter Chat or Discourse, odds are you’ve chatted with Rod.

Warren Block (wblock): Warren is member of the technical writing team at iX, working heavily on FreeNAS documentation. He also contributes to FreeBSD with manual page reviews and his work on the FreeBSD documentation engineering team.


Where can you find us?


You’ll be able to find us either wandering the convention or sitting at the FreeBSD booth. Stop by the booth and chat! We’ll have some FreeBSD and TrueOS swag, and we’re always happy to answer questions about FreeBSD, TrueOS, FreeNAS, or our other projects.