As you’ve been hearing for a while now, PC-BSD is in the process of going through a re-branding as TrueOS. I’m looking forward to giving a talk about this at MeetBSD in the next few weeks, were we will discuss some of the reasoning behind the name change, and some exciting new things we’ve been cooking up in the lab here. If you can attend in person that would be great, otherwise I expect videos will be up shortly
afterwards as well.

In the meantime, we are also on the verge of updating the website and some web assets. Part of the change I’ve been wanting to make for a LONG time is the ability to “merge” the functionality of the mailing lists and forums. (Old timers may even recall us hacking up vbulletin back in the day for this kind of usage). I’m pleased to announce that we think we’ve hit upon a solution that we believe will work well in both use cases.

Enter Discourse ( )

We’ve been experimenting with this now for a few weeks, and are pretty happy with the results. We would love to throw it open now for everybody
to give it a spin and provide some feedback. For those not familiar with it, its somewhat of a hybrid between forums / Reddit / Stack-Exchange / mailing lists. (I prefer mailing list mode myself – Which can easily be enabled in your account preferences)

We encourage users to start throwing their questions and discussions up there (Of course bugs can still be sent via github issues). I’ll look forward to participating in the conversation with our forum-loving friends again, all from the safety and comfort of good-ole Thunderbird :).

Kris Moore
Enterprise Storage & Servers Driven By Open Source

Testing mailing list