The next TrueOS STABLE will include more improvements to the automounter.  Autofs is reconfigured to mount by device id, and is switched over to an XDG standard to allow future device actions for media. This frees us to accomplish things such as ejecting optical media or opening a media player, for example. The newest incarnation came as a result of some discussion and white-boarding over at TrueOS discourse:

Here is a screenshot of the update in action:
Most importantly, this new method allows identical media with the same label to be mounted.  As shown above, 2 flash drives with the volume label “NTFS” are mounted.  You can hover over a volume with the mouse to see the actual device name and filesystem type. We no longer append the device name to the visual display, resulting in a much more presentable volume name.  Look for the next STABLE announcement (Soon™) to try it out.


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