With the release of Lumina 1.3.0, The devs decided to back-port that release into TrueOS STABLE. In truth, most of the 1.3.0 changes already exist in STABLE. However, this update brings in a few missing patches and bumps the Lumina version up to its proper 1.3.0 tag.


Update Notes


Here is the short list of changes added to TrueOS STABLE:

  • Lumina is updated to version 1.3.0
  • Small fix to pc-xgui to prevent the dialogue from growing too large for the screen.
  • The system link to the offline TrueOS handbook is fixed.
  • pcdm autologin now can happen if the delay is set to less than two seconds.


All .iso and .img files in the Download Directory are updated to TrueOS-2017-07-05-x64.