We noticed a number of users having problems with Nvidia hardware/drivers after the last Stable update. One problem is that the auto-detection by X11 of the Nvidia driver appears to have been broken by the recent update. This specifically appears to affect people using the older Nvidia driver or non-UEFI setups.

After exploring the issues, we have a solution that appears to fix the majority of reported cases. This solution is posted below, but we’ll update this post if/when new problems or solutions are found.


Check and install Nvidia drivers


Follow these steps to install Nvidia drivers:


1. Install the nvidia-driver pkg. Type pkg info | grep nvidia in a command line interface (CLI) to see if your system has an Nvidia driver installed. Use pkg search to search the remote repository, which is separate from any packages you’ve installed on your system.

2. Edit /etc/rc.conf and add two lines:

(NOTE: For legacy Nvidia drivers, the nvidia-modesetting_enable=”YES” line should NOT be added.)



This loads the nvidia and nvidia-modesetting kernel modules on next boot.


3. Reboot the system. If the graphical interface is unavailable, you can use shutdown -r now in the CLI.


4. Choose either a) or b). If you have access to the graphical interface/pcdm, try a). If not, use b):

a) On the pcdm login screen, click on the lower-right system button. Click the option to change your graphics driver. Then, choose the nvidia driver for your system. Finally, continue to log in.

b) Search for /etc/X11/xorg.conf. It it does not exist, type Xorg -configure to generate a fresh xorg.conf file. Edit xorg.conf, adjusting the bottom of the file to be similar to this (Note: BusID is usually

auto-generated for each system):

Section “Device”

Identifier        “Card0”

Driver            “nvidia”

BusID             “1:0:0”



Implementing this fix has been effective at getting users’ systems back up and running. If you’ve altered your pcdm settings since encountering the Nvidia issue, you may continue to see problems. Try reverting any pcdm changes and see if the system boots normally.


Discourse Help


There are a number of threads on our Discourse forum investigating the Nvidia issues. If this (or other) fixes don’t seem to help, Discourse can be a valuable resource to help fix any issues.