A new blog post detailing some of the changes to Lumina for its 1.3.0 update is now available! Lumina Developer Ken Moore previews a new icon theme making its way into Lumina, which will also be available in an upcoming package update to TrueOS, so stay tuned!


Replacing Oxygen with Material-Design


The focus of the blog post is detailing the change from the “oxygen” icon theme to the “material-design-light/dark” theme. Material-design is a collection of about 800 SVG icons originating from Google’s “material design” theme and part of the “Templarian” additions to that pack. This theme is reworked to be completely XDG compliant, plus there are large numbers of additional icons available for use. According to Ken, this new theme with light/dark options will be available in the next round of package updates for TrueOS, which should be available soon.

For more details and comparison screenshots between the new and old themes, head over to the Lumina Blog and review Ken’s notes about the new theme.